Musically Inclined

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered in small groups using the Alfred and Piano Adventures piano methods. More advanced students follow the Conservatory Canada syllabus. In addition to playing piano at their weekly lessons, students sing, play music theory games, and explore music using fun manipulatives like boomwhackers, glockenspiels, handbells, bouncy balls, black light and more. The use of technology is employed whenever possible. Every class is action-packed!

Learning music in a group environment offers many advantages. Some of these include:

Tuition is paid monthly and is based on a 1-hour group lesson per week for 32 weeks, plus 2 recitals. Classes begin in September and run until the end of May. Students doing Conservatory Canada piano exams will attend lessons until mid-June.

Tuition for 1-hour group lessons is $95 per month.

Piano Lessson Books