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Celebrating years of music education in , Musically Inclined is pleased to offer group piano lessons for children and youth in Lake Country, BC and private online piano lessons for children and youth who live outside of the Lake Country area.

During our 1-hour group lessons, students learn to read music, play the piano and engage in a variety of fun, off-bench activities with their classmates. Children learn through play and having multiple students in the same class allows us to play games, Orff ensembles, have theme days and use manipulatives like parachutes, flashlights, tennis balls and scarves to reinforce the musical concepts found in our books. There is a sense of trust and community as students are inspired and motivated by their peers.

Online piano lessons are just like traditional private lessons, except students are able to enjoy their weekly piano instruction in the comfort of their own homes. During their 30-minute lessons, students learn to read music, play piano and are able to participate in many of the same engaging off-bench activities and games that the group students have access to. All that is required, (in addition to a piano or keyboard) is a laptop or iPad and a stable high-speed internet connection.